Our Definition of Entrepreneurship

Our focus is on what we call independent work, or what is often known as freelancing, gig work, or on-demand work. While traditional “entrepreneurship” is not at the core of our programming, we believe that the skills required to be successful in the world of independent work are very similar to that lead to entrepreneurial success.

Our Mission

Our mission is to equip people to earn a living wage through independent work; our audience is primarily low-income work seekers, and others with barriers to employment.

Notable Achievements

We have consistently seen about 15-20% of our students go on to do 1+ “gigs” post-program, with many of those earning a significant income through self-employment. We are in the midst of revamping our curriculum and are planning a transition to a technology-enhanced, blended-learning delivery model to improve our outcomes.

Our Initiative Goals

The creation of a comprehensive spectrum of programs and resources to support aspiring entrepreneurs, with smooth linkages and hand-offs; greater awareness of self-employment and entrepreneurship as a viable alternative (for some) or supplement to (for most) traditional employment programs.