Our Definition of Entrepreneurship

It is people taking charge of their own lives, on their own terms, and creating their economic livelihoods through their skills, passion and grit.

Our Mission

To empower and increase the entrepreneurial capacities of socially and economically diverse women and men, and thereby strengthen our communities through the creation of sustainable new businesses, new jobs, and the promotion of financial self-sufficiency. Our target audience is lower income English and Spanish speaking women and men in the SF Bay Area.

20% of Renaissance’s current clients are Oakland residents.  We would like to bring our training and support services directly to the communities where they live and work. We can provide introductory and business planning training that will introduce entrepreneurship and serve a significant number of aspiring and emerging entrepreneurs who can then benefit from additional services (loans, consulting, advanced training etc.) from other collaborative members.

Notable Achievements

Renaissance serves 1500 women and men each year who start and grow an average of 500 businesses per year and create employment for 750 Bay Area residents (including the business owners themselves). We are always committed to achieving higher results. We are currently developing and offering additional follow up meetups, workshops and one on one support, as well as access to market opportunities to help our clients to both start their businesses fasters and improve the sustainability and profitability of their businesses.

Our Initiative Goals

Working in partnership to cross market, make referrals, share best practices and serve entrepreneurial women and men in Oakland.