Our Definition of Entrepreneurship

We define entrepreneurship as the practice of the competencies necessary to start and grow a small business. What makes Centro’s approach to entrepreneurship training is the way we integrate mobile app technology into both basic and advance entrepreneurship education. We also provide MBA advisors to entrepreneurs in our advance program that offer up to 100 of one-on-one technical assistance to the program participant. We also give capacity building services to other non-profits globally specially on the “how to” to provide entrepreneurship training program.

Our Mission

Centro Community Partner’s mission is to build thriving communities by empowering underserved individuals with entrepreneurial spirit and talent.

Notable Achievements

Centro is creating economic opportunities in underserved communities by running successful entrepreneurship programs and creating small businesses. We have

  • Served 2,200 entrepreneurs;
  • Facilitated more than $500,000 in microloans
  • Provided 8,000+ hours of Advice/Mentorship

As per our 2016 survey of an impact analysis of 140 sampled in our Basic Entrepreneurship Program graduates reported:

  • 42% created a job
  • 82% increased their income
  • 76% increased their savings
  • 15% applied for a loan

We have created mobile technology that helps entrepreneurs plan their business and access capital. We are currently focused on eco-system building for the mobile devise in which entrepreneurs will have access to business planning, access CDFI micro loans, savings products, credit starter products, and advisory services. We will have next version of the app by January 2018.

We are working on revising our train-the-trainer program to create more robust, streamline teaching process that certifies trainers nationally and internationally on our process, curriculum, and technology.

Our Initiative Goals

We would like to see a unified vision that can bring the collective together to increase our value to the community. We need to make this vision public so that the community understands how to access the services and how we can impact their lives. This will help all of us create more self-sustaining jobs from entrepreneur participants in our program that are focused on underserved minority and women entrepreneurs that led to asset building.