Entrepreneurs Education Initiative

EEI is a growing ecosystem of 11 entrepreneurship training programs across the Bay Area in partnership with the Alliance for Community Development, the Oakland Business Assistance Center, and Kiva Oakland. Our goal is to make it easier for you to find the right program and resources.

Our Values

Together we share a set of common ideals. We believe in inclusivity, diversity, equity, access, local leadership and sustainability in our work.

We believe that our collective effort will serve our individual missions as well as our shared goals, increasing the public’s awareness of our work and of the benefits it will bring in the years to come.

In one of the most economically divided regions of the country, our common goal is serving under-represented individuals striving for more for themselves, their families and their communities. In providing the full breadth of entrepreneurial education, services and connections, we can build a self-determined, self-sufficient population, capable of regaining control of their lives.

Attachment: EEI Position Paper: Entrepreneurship for All
Attachment: Our Shared EEI Agreement

Who We Serve

We define entrepreneurship as a tool for civil rights and social inclusion. We serve those in the urban communities hit hard by the growing economic divide. Our individual programs specialize on youth, the unemployed, older workers, Gig workers, Spanish-speaking, LGBTQ, disabilities, and those needing supplemental income. The end result launches your journey towards a lifetime of entrepreneurial strengths: autonomy, mastery and purpose.

Our Locations

EEI serves communities all over the San Francisco Bay Area.

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