Why Entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship is Crucial in Today’s Society

Our society is moving faster that we are, creating new rules, new ways and new dimensions in just about every aspect of life.

Normally, we address these with what we’re familiar with and call them something new. The results are always old and indifferent. It’s time to revolt – not reform – to a universal method that’s worked consistently: entrepreneurship.

It can navigate us through the challenging conditions affecting our ability to earn a living and provide a course into the future even when we don’t know exactly where that might lead. Entrepreneurship training provides essential work skills, but more importantly, it hones our critical thinking with creativity, practicality, empathy and fiscal relevance.

Entrepreneurship is not only a skill set but a solution-rendering mindset.

Entrepreneurship is no longer defined solely to those who launch and lead their businesses. In today’s evolving economy, the skills of entrepreneurship are essential whether starting a business, performing contract/Gig work or employed in the lean workplaces demanding self-directed workers.


Education Sparks Success

Success is a team sport

Even the best soloists require coaches and a supporting cast. Otherwise, when going it alone, more than half of all new businesses fail within three years. But when they assemble a collective of supporters and participate in a fertile network, nearly 90 percent reach the all-important five-year benchmark.

When going it alone, more than half of all new businesses fail within three years.
The most successful entrepreneurs, contractors and employees have achieved exemplary triumphs through a combination of education, mentors, access to experts, finance resources, a network of diverse viewpoints and an empathetic skill with people. And of course, the drive to execute, to absorb criticisms and demand personal performance excellence.

Strong entrepreneurship education ensures that students graduate with an understanding of the four areas of knowledge:

  1. Domain – direct and peripheral skills necessary to launch and lead a business venture.
  2. Subject Expertise – a continuous engine of knowledge of what your business sells.
  3. People Skills – the understanding that what you sell is based on your empathetic knowledge of what problem you are solving for your client.
  4. Creativity – the ability to produce innovative solutions that have a benefit to your clients and to society.

Roll all this together and you get a finely-tuned entrepreneur. It starts with education.

Entrepreneurs Education Initiative

The Big Question: Where do you go to gain these skills?

Today’s workforce is often in need of a skills upgrade to tackle our ever-changing work environment. This, in light of thousands of companies struggling to fill openings while rejecting so many applicants short on entrepreneurial-type skills.

The true benefit of your skills upgrade: mastery of self-direction and self-sustainability.

The Answer: Entrepreneurs Education Initiative (EEI)

EEI is a growing ecosystem of 11 entrepreneurship training programs across the Bay Area in partnership with the Alliance for Community Development, the Oakland Business Assistance Center, and Kiva Oakland. Our goal is to make it easier for you to find the right program and resources. Read more About EEI »

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